Guy Flavored

by Dick Jokes

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Recorded on the seventh of August, 2014. Jake played guitar, Josh played drums and James played bass. It was a pretty bad day. Whatevs. Jake recorded and mixed it. Man was it frustrating. We played one show with Josh on drums then he went to college. It was slippery and dark. LISTEN TO IT AND GET PLUNGED!


released September 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Permiscuah Thorndale, Pennsylvania

Scallion Permiscuah plays drums + James Permiscuah playing bass. Bolth sing. We're straight edge. We're political. Listen to the music, fuck genre. Be an individual. Don't be afraid. Do not spread corporate hatred. Do not fall victim to apathy. Get active. Direct action. Anarchy. ... more

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Track Name: Pity
Right now I'm feeling high maintenence
But I really wish you wouldn't abandon me
Because I feel this way just once
The clearest the cracks in myself you see

I guess that's just how you'll be
It's still not right how you treat me

My emotions are ripping me apart
I haven't felt this way in years
So just when our friendship has a start
You turn away at my tears

I know you have your own fears

But that doesn't stop me from hating your guts
Despising everything that you are
For just a moment i forget everything that you are to me, that you've said to me, what you've done to me
Cause you're not here when i need you, I know that you never need me but please fucking give me some
Track Name: (Josh Goes To College)
Track Name: Boys Go To College To Get More Conformity
Stuffy old teacher get outta my face
imma unique you don't know what's up
imma be famous imma punk rock
done with rules done with your standards

school is for shit ill never learn
move to the city fuck all the drunks
there's nothing to tell me i know what i'm doing
fuck college fuck teachers fuck school fuck me
Track Name: Samurai Hairdo
I've never spent a night alone
i don't know why I have to now
I've always had great company
I don't know where it had to go

I don't know exactly why i feel
Like my life is never enough
And I don't think i'm getting better

I like to believe that i'm not the only one
Who's completely fucking clueless
But i know for sure
That I believe in dumb shit

I'm trapped inside my freezing head
where my self worth just goes to die
Where everything is going wrong
Where I just wanna cry

I don't know exactly why i feel
Like living is never enough
And I don't think i'm moving forward
Track Name: Laces
My brain is cold and I don't need anyone else to tell me how to work it
It's already broken the way it is, don't tell me I have to pay to become a zombie

My brain works fine the way it is

Yeah man keep talkin bout those girls
All those girls you took advantage
I'm sure they are doing fine
Assholes like you are the reason why there's something to hate

And the best part is you don't give a shit

[Right wing scum you're time has come]
I know what you say to him when no one else is listening
How you try to control my friend, how you make his life hell

You're thinking, all about how to work him
But ignoring your own constraint
YOu're not welcome here anymore, I don't care what he says
i don't want you anywhere near me

I know you'll use any reason to make this world tougher
I hope you fucking know that this is my best friend

You're thinking, all about how to work him
But ignoring your own constraint
You're not welcome here anymore, I don't care what he says
i don't want you anywhere near me
Track Name: Fast Food Life
Fast Food Life (is not the life for me)
Track Name: !NO!
You're not a caveman, am I wrong?
Or are you just a piece of total shit?
Consent is sexy, don't you know?
Or did you miss that memo?