Permiscuah Is Love, Permiscuah Is Life EP

by Permiscuah

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released May 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Permiscuah Thorndale, Pennsylvania

Scallion Permiscuah plays drums + James Permiscuah playing bass. Bolth sing. We're straight edge. We're political. Listen to the music, fuck genre. Be an individual. Don't be afraid. Do not spread corporate hatred. Do not fall victim to apathy. Get active. Direct action. Anarchy. ... more

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Track Name: JF
I don't wanna be exclusive
But I hate everything you are

I, I may be complicating
But you, you don't care about anything

I don't wanna be an asshole
But I fucking hate your guts

I, I don't care if you don't like me
But you, don't make a difference on anything
Track Name: 2 kewl 4 u
I embrace technology but take that with no purity
Cause there's nothing I hate more than watching them forget how to speak
No verbal communication, only brain cell decimation
We need to learn to balance or we'll forget how to speak
Track Name: Caustic Override
As the earth slowly reverts to a volcanic wasteland
billions of people have chosen to sit idly by
while we make a stand

except this time it's not volcanoes spewing death
it's factories making McDonalds grade meth
except this time it won't spur creation of life
it will spur caustic override

I won't sit complacently and i know my friends won't
And though I've put this so eloquently
the fast food generations demise won't be written by a poet