East of The Nipple

by Permiscuah

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Brandon Cox
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Brandon Cox "East of the Nipple" is fast 'n' reckless with plenty of bass and drum heroics to keep you more than interested for a quarter of an hour.
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Recorded at Pallet Town by Mike -- Made possible by Michael H//Aunt Monica//Liz P//Pat G//Mike M//John H//Greg N//Kevin B//Jff H//Ed M//Joe B//Tom K//Brandon C//Scott B//DIYPHL//Meghan L//Briguy//Evan D//Josh B//Daddy B//Alex L//All of of our other friends, family and loved ones who gave us support of any kind! We love you all so god damn much!! Proceeds go to fueling James's death mobile to take us safely up the east coast and back <3 <3


released March 21, 2014

Jake plays drums and sings
James plays bass and sings
Mike yelled on that one song
I forget who says the opening sample



all rights reserved


Permiscuah Thorndale, Pennsylvania

Scallion Permiscuah plays drums + James Permiscuah playing bass. Bolth sing. We're straight edge. We're political. Listen to the music, fuck genre. Be an individual. Don't be afraid. Do not spread corporate hatred. Do not fall victim to apathy. Get active. Direct action. Anarchy. ... more

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Track Name: Upstream
Everyone's giving up on the fight
because they think it's better to just give up
but if we pull together
it might get better

Cause you need to learn against hate
Be the change you want to see
And love your friends
Like everybody

Cause it's not getting any easier
Swimming up this forsaken stream
We could all use each other's warmth
Stick together, it gets better

So support those who support you
Don't spread hate, spread some love
Don't fall victim
Of apathy

Cause it's not getting any easier
Swimming up this forsaken stream
We could all use each other's warmth
Stick together, it gets better
Track Name: Human
Step in line get your vaccine for creativity
A horrible disease run away from individuality

I'm seeing in colors you'll never understand
Black and white mean little to nothing to me
We're all oppressed together!
We're all oppressed together!
Track Name: Apathy Equals Capitalism
You're sold hatred
They don't want us to unite
You're given stupid
They don't want you to speak out
You're fed anger
They want you to stay inside

Cause once you start to see
there's no going back
Cause there's so much deceit

Eat up more ads
Just look close it says obey
Beat up more kids
So we'll never stand so strong
Track Name: Boys Go To College To Get More Conformity
Stuffy old teacher get outta my face
imma unique you don't know what's up
imma be famous imma punk rock
done with rules done with your standards

school is for shit ill never learn
move to the city fuck all the drunks
there's nothing to tell me i know what i'm doing
fuck college fuck teachers fuck school fuck me
Track Name: Six Inches
Sitting in class yeah you know me
I'm the one with the busted shoes
Judge away you jock strap shit
At least I fucking exist

I'm not gonna take this shit from you

Drenched in cigarette smell
I was out yelling last night
Having the god damn time of my life
without a college degree

I'm not a fuck up!
Track Name: Insurrection. Revolution.
Insurrection that's what we need
revolution that's what it'll take
complete destruction of the US dream
complete upheaval of the government

insurrection revolution
capital slaves on the ground

[catch them with their asses out and their faces on the ground]

conflagration of the fortress on a hill
egalitarian the true anarchist way
the way to be equal despite diversity
We're all made the same there's no authority
Track Name: Losers Then, Losers Now
I don't wanna talk to you about anything EVER!
You say that you've been there but you don't know SHIT!

There's nothing you could say to me
That could change my way of living life
Don't need your accusations, suspicions
I'm gonna move away, forget you

Parents don't get me
Think that I'm lazy!
Track Name: See You Crawl
Forever feeling the oppression
Of my government
Forever being crushed in defeat
By my leaders
Forever cursing outside the line
At the rulers
Forever hating what you are
You are government

ten foot pole
pressed on my forhead
so i can't touch but see

twenty feet tall
fence between us
I wanna see you crawl

Never understand the hatred
That they preach
Never buy into that way
Support genocide
Never conform to your war
You are fighting
Never give myself away
To the soldiers
Track Name: Trendy
If I hear the word PUNX one more time
I might just fucking snap
Cause it's not fucking trend
Just a ploy for more attention

Cause there's no time to waste
There's so much going on
There's a war going on for your brain
And you chose to assimilate

If I hear the word PUNX one more time
I might let it bother me
Do you even know what it means?
Read the fucking Wiki

Cause your mind just goes to waste
There's not much left to save
The hatred tears us apart
And you hid behind your apathy
Track Name: Fast Food Life

Track Name: Laces
My brain is cold and I don't need anyone else to tell me how to work it
It's already broken the way it is, don't tell me I have to pay to become a zombie

My brain works fine the way it is

Yeah man keep talkin bout those girls
All those girls you took advantage
I'm sure they are doing fine
Assholes like you are the reason why there's something to hate

And the best part is you don't give a shit

[Right wing scum you're time has come]
Track Name: NO!
You're not a caveman, am I wrong?
Or are you just a piece of total shit?
Consent is sexy, don't you know?
Or did you miss that memo?